Welcome to Troop 143!!

Our meetings are held every Monday evening from 7:00-8:30 p.m.

We meet at the Community United Methodist Church, located at 309 College Ave., Fruitland Park, Fl. The church is at the intersection of College Ave and County Road 466-A, which leads to Wildwood.

Home of the Purple Dumptrucks!

Troop 143 Patrols

PDT's, LBJ's, & Warriors

The Purple Dumptrucks consist of the following Troop 143 scouts:

Adult Leaders
Matt, SPL - Life Scout
Sasha, ASPL - Life Scout

The Lumberjacks consist of older more experienced scouts of Troop 143:

Cody, PL
Chase, APL - Life Scout
Tyler - Life Scout
Andre - Life Scout
Sasha - Life Scout
Kile - Star

The Warriors consist of the following Troop 143 scouts:

Britt, PL - Tenderfoot
Garrett - Tenderfoot
Thaddeus - Scout
Doni - Scout