Welcome to Troop 143!! Our meetings are held every Monday evening from 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Calendar contributors:
Please note that our boy scout trailer has NOT been stolen. We ARE in the process of replacing our old run down 12' trailer, (a 1969 Wells Cargo) with a newer 14' model. The company's representative that is seeking sponsors, read about another trailer being stolen, and believed it to be ours. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Please contact the scoutmaster at 352-728-0096 if you have any questions.

Home of the Purple Dumptrucks!

Troop 143 Patrols

PDT's, LBJ's, Warriors & Honey Badgers

The Purple Dumptrucks consist of the following Troop 143 scouts:

Adult Leaders
Matt, SPL - Life Scout
Sasha, ASPL - Life Scout

The Lumberjacks consist of older more experienced scouts of Troop 143:

Andre - Life Scout
Cody - First Class
Kile- First Class
Thaddeus - 2nd Class

The Warriors consist of the following Troop 143 scouts:

Benjamin - Life Scout
Sasha - Life Scout
Brit - 2nd Class
Garrett - 2nd Class

The Honey Badgers consist of the following Troop 143 scouts:

Alfredo - Scout
Brady - Scout
Jared - Scout
Tommy - Scout